A few links on XML Paper Specification that I stumbled upon the last few days.

View XPS documents using Acrobat 8

The XPS Review Blog has an article that Acrobat 8 (8.1 to be precise) can be used to open XPS documents. I have not tried it, since I don’t own Acrobat 8, but it sounds great.

Note: it’s not supported in Acrobat Reader 8.1.

A new set of XPS tools from SANAtech

SANAtech is has released a set of tools for XPS.

  • XPSViewer is an ActiveX control for embedding XPS capabilities (viewing and printing) into applications.
  • XPSRenderer 1.0 is a multi-platform library for rendering and printing XPS documents, it’s available for AIX, Linux, OS/X and other Unix derivatives. This library is the core of the XPSViewer ActiveX control.
  • XPSToolkit 1.0 is a not yet released multi-platform toolkit to fiddle with your XPS documents

These tools looks promising. I have not had the chance to test them, except for the viewer - sorry Maged, I will as soon as possible, to much work right now.

NiXPS Library v 1.5 SDK is released

NiXPS, pioneers in XPS tools, has released their C/C++ XPS library available for a free trial download with great documentation. The library allows you to create and modify XPS documents on almost any kind of platform and a C/C++ compiler/linker, it even allows you to render your XPS documents into an image buffer or TIFF file.