Light bulb has posted a picture of suggestions of features for future versions of Windows, gathered from the Windows Early Feedback program. The list contains the top 61 suggestions which is to be presented to the Windows 7 team.

I think it’s great that Microsoft tries to listen to the community, but a lot of these suggestions should have been in Windows by now or earlier!

Just take a look at these few examples:

Desktop icons arrangement - allow me to save (247142) This one has been bugging me for years, it should be included in Vista not in Windows 7 that is light years away!

Auto clean up of Temp folders (296526) Cleaning the temp folders is one of the annoying tasks that you manually have to do to often to keep your machine working ok.

IE should have a close button on each tab (250961) The tabs in IE is a great feature but using them efficient is a mess. I would also like a close button on each tab, so you don’t have to activate the tab to close it (or right-click). I also would like to have the possibility to configure ctrl-tab to switch to the last used tab instead of always switch to the next. I posted an article a long time ago, that Microsoft should look over all of their tab-designs, read it.

Then you have some interesting suggestions which makes me think where’s that focus (remember this is the top 61 suggestions): Include Pinball into next version of Windows

Some day I will write my own list of future Windows suggestions - I got quite a few!