Today I handed in my Orange badge to Avanade and signed out of my Avanade account. It’s been a six and a half year long adventure where I had the opportunity work with amazing colleagues and exciting clients. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow my career and skills in directions I did not think about, and I’m very proud of what we achieved and what we delivered to clients.

It has been so much fun representing Avanade in client meetings, and at conferences. And I’ve been working with some great teams that delivered solutions that literally changed peoples lives. I’ve also had a blast for the last two years taking a crazy idea about a revolutionary service into something real, a new service for Avanades client that will impact their workplace experience for the next few years.

Thank you Avanade! ❤

On Monday my next chapter starts, I will to have retire my MVP and RD awards as well, as I will be joining the company that started my career within software development, on that Toshiba T3100 with MS-DOS, gwbasic, edlin and debug - Microsoft. But, more on this at a later point in time.