It’s been almost a week since the International SharePoint Conference ended, the first of its kind – and what a conference it was!

I was honored to be part of the developer track, together with top-notch speakers and developers such as Andrew Connell, Ben Robb, Eric Schupps, Matthew McDermott, Mirjam van Olst, Paul Schaeflein, Todd Carter and Waldek Mastykarz. We’ve been working together on this “project” for a couple of months having weekly calls trying to build a solution that we would use for the developer track. I really think that we did a good job and that we covered a lot of the important pieces in a SharePoint project – that normally isn’t covered on conferences. And I do hope that you who attended it, enjoyed the track and what we tried to show you.

Everything that we built and presented is available for download. We’ve created a CodePlex project where we have uploaded the functional specs, all the session demos and the final solutions demoed. Go grab the stuff here: And if you have any comments or questions – use the CodePlex discussion features and let the discussion start.

Waldek and I started the dev track by building a couple of Visual Studio Extensions. After some initial problems with the Visual Studio Gallery site we finally got them published. Just search for “ISC” in the Extension Manager. And if you wait just a couple of more days – all this will be integrated into CKS:Dev.

The ISC extensions in the Visual Studio Online Gallery

Next year, our amazing host Steve Smith, will host the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013. I would not miss it for the world!