I’m excited to be returning to Las Vegas in May of 2019 to speak at the SharePoint Conference 2019 in May 21st to 21rd, at the MGM Grand.

This event is one of the two major events, second one being Microsoft Ignite, that the SharePoint, OneDrive and Yammer product groups are announcing their greatest and latest features and also where you will meet some of the finest speakers and community members of our great SharePoint family.

There will be over 200 session giving you all things you need to adopt, build and manage SharePoint Online and if that is not enough there’s even three days of Workshops, more than 20 of them, with even more deep dives into SharePoint, PowerBI, PowerApps, OneDrive – delivered by amazing speakers.

Full Page Apps in SharPoint Online

The session I will be presenting is about how to Build Full Page Experiences in SharePoint Online. We have for a long time build complete and full applications in SharePoint; sometimes as huge Web Parts, sometimes as sweet JavaScript injections and back in the days we could create application pages to create solutions that was a full page experience. In SharePoint Online this functionality has been quite limited, even though i blogged years ago on how to do this using a Sandbox solution (still an article that drives traffic!) . This kind of experience often goes under the name of a SPA (Single-Page-Application).

SPC19 discount code WILEN

This session will cover all the different options we have of creating these full page experiences in SharePoint Online, using SharePoint Framework Web Parts, zones and page designs. We will of course, if you know me, spend most of the time looking at the code, but also discuss different strategies on when to use which method. And last but not least, given the announcements on how SharePoint Framework and Microsoft Teams can be used together, this will be a topic that we’ll cover.

It’s been a few years since I presented at the SharePoint conferenes, and it’s always been a blas, remembering one session where we spent an additional 90 minutes of QnA. Bring all of your questions you have on this topic (and of course anything else you think I or other speakers can help with) and get your answers – there’s no better way for you to get value from this conference than getting answers to your questions. 

There is still a few more months to go until May and I’m looking forward to be able to modify the session to incorparate all the latest and greatest features in this area. We’re living in an Evergreen world so this session will be as fresh as possible when delivered – so you have to be there! For the latest updates on the sessions content you can always go to the session page at the SPC19 site: https://sharepointna.com/#!/session/Build%20Full%20Page%20Experiences%20in%20SharePoint%20Online

(I know it is currently tagged as an IT-Pro, we’ll fix that, so we can make fun of the IT-pros for realz during the session)

Register and save $50

Talking of being there, if you have yet not signed up for the conference, you should do it right now. And I can save you $50, that you can spend on gifts to your family for the holidays seasons coming up. Go to https://askwictor.com/SPC19 to register with my discount code WILEN (my awesome last name in all caps – and extra bonus for a correct pronounciation) and you will get a $50 discount. And even better, if you do it before the 15th of January you will get an XBox, a Surface Go or other cool stuff depending on your selected package.

I hope to see you there, in my session! Happy holidays from Sweden, where the snow now has started to fall!