The posts are everywhere that Internet Explorer 7 RC1 is out, and I’m not late to test it out. The download of 15 Mb was fast and the installation was easy; it did uninstall the previous beta of IE7, rebooted and installed the RC1.

The first think I noticed was that I think it is still a slow-starter, when you open it as the first application after the first boot (it may be my hogging Dell Inspirion 9100?)

But then the experience was really nice. I checked out a few known bugs which were corrected. I have used IE7 as my primary feed reader since beta 1 and in my opinion it was far from good from the beginning but now it’s fast, much faster, easier to navigate (I’m a space bar scroller, which did’nt work in previous betas) and it renders large collections of posts faster.

Rendering bugg on for Internet Explorer 7 RC1The rendering also seems more stable and fast, I did a quick check on digg to see the known rendering problem there (the logn/profile part was positioned wrong previously) and it seems gone. Instead we there seems to be trouble with the Google Ads at the top.

Overall, I think we are getting closer to the final product…

PS. Windows Vista Build 5536 is out on Microsoft Connect