Microsoft is currently in the middle of the process of creating the next generation Microsoft web browser, with the fantastic name - Internet Explorer 8.

A few days ago, the IE team reports, the internal build of Internet Explorer 8 passed the Acid2 browser test, which is used to ensure proper support for web standards. Acid2 test on IE7 This is not the case with IE7, take a look at the picture on the right, it should render to a nice smiley…

During the first half of 2008 a (public) beta of Internet Explorer 8 will be released, which is great news. I really hope that we all will get the opportunity to test quite early builds so the community can have their say. Internet Explorer is the browser that receives the most complaints, so if a lot of web standards devotees have their saying in the development/evolution process of the next generation IE we will probably get a better browser.

My guess is that with some luck we will have a new Internet Explorer to download for next Christmas.

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