Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard

Microsoft Hardware will later this year release a new keyboard - Ultimate Keyboard. The keyboard is a wireless (bluetooth) and ergonomical keyboard with backlight functionality that senses the light in the room and when you use the keyboard.

The keyboard are designed for Windows Vista and the Microsoft Live services (Messenger etc).

I really like the design and that it is an ergonomical layout of the keys. I use that kind of keyboard at work but at home or when sitting at my laptop my fingers more thatn often slip. The Ultimate Keyboard seems to be working fine when not sitting at a desk - like when you are sitting in you sofa with Windows XP Media Center or soon Windows Vista Ultimate!

I miss the numeric keyboard though, and it took me some time before I learned to use my current (the home, end, pgup etc was changed from 3x2 to 2x3 design) but it always painful (but fun) adapting to new stuff.

This piece will not be a mainstream gamers device, but more for the plain workstation or sofa sitting Media Center users. It would be fun to watch the employees at finance department working with this keyboard :-)

Sign me up for one…