msfeedicon 2.2 is now available for download!

msfeedicon is an Internet Explorer 7 add-on which displays an icon in the system tray with information on your feed subscriptions and notifies you with a notification window when a feed is updated.

Version 2.2 contains some interesting new features such as the possibility to use Tags to find the posts that you are interested. It’s especially interesting if you subscribes on a lot of feeds. You can use the Tags so that updated feeds containing your Tags wil be Auto-starred or that notifications should only be displayd for the tagged feeds.

Notification window

The notification window also contains a context menu, which can be reached by the dow-narrow on the right side of the notification window. Using this menu you can easily exclude the feed from displaying notifications or unsubsribe to the feed.

Installation should work on Microsoft Windows Vista now, without elevated privilegies. If you still have problems, please manually uninstall previous versions.

For more information on features please go to this page, which also contains a complete change log.

To download it click here.

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