msfeedicon, the Internet Explorer 7 feeds utility, is now at version 2.1, a new release with interesting new features. It was just a few days ago that version 2.0 was released, but I have recieved interesting feedback and I had some good ideas on how to develop it further that I just had to implement.

I already have plans for another two or three releases in the near future, contact me if you are interested, so you will most probably see more upgrades soon…

New features in version 2.1

These are some of the new features of msfeedicon:

  • Starring the notification windows - making them stay on top for later readingJust click on the star, to the left,  in the notification window
  • Mark all as read feature in the menu
  • Mark feed as read from the notification windowClick on the mark as read symbol, upper right corner to the left of the close cross, to mark the new posts as read.
  • Interface improvements
    • Settings dialog
    • Notification windows
  • New statistics: posts/feed
  • Exclude feeds from appearing as notification windows - from the Settings dialog
  • Improved setup

New notification  window

For all features check previous posts.

Where do I get it!

UPDATE: Installation on Windows Vista may fail if Vista UAC is enabled. If it fails please disable it during installation or use version 2.0 until further notice.

You can get it here.