You probably already have read all about the new beta of Windows Live Writer. I thought I should write some lines about some of the new really nice features.


image WLW contains an improved linking interface. You can easily link to your previous posts or to a link in the Link Glossary, using the Link to button_,_ which allows you to write down (remember) a number of links that you often use in your blog posts. When you create a new link you can check the _Add to link glossary_ checkbox and the link will be added to your glossary. The glossary is also accessible from the _Tools->Options_ dialog.

The WLW Customization API

One of the coolest features is the WLW Provider Customization API, which allows you to customize the capabilities and of WLW and it’s interface. Scott Hanselman writes all about it.


image A minor, but good feature, is the remainders of titles, categories and tags.


Plugins from the previous beta still works; you can get them from the Windows Live Gallery or download my own two from here; MSDN Locator and Acronyms.