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SoloSEO Review: SoloSEO, is an easy web application containing a set of tools to manage your search engine optimization, SEO. I decided to give it a try to measure how my site is seen by the search engines and how well it performed.

When starting with SoloSEO you will get a dashboard containing a checklist with tasks which you should complete to gain full benefit of the service. The tasks helps you getting started with the tools and let’s you get aquainted with the application. The dashboard also contains a summary of your completed tasks, links to the different tools as well as statistics for your site.

One of the first things you should do is provide your sitemap so SoloSEO so it can import your site. You can import up to 200 pages and keep track of them. SoloSEO chooses the top 200 from your sitemap. I would have preferred that the top 200 pages with the highest sitemap priority was selected by default.

Once you have imported your pages you can easily see all backlinks to your pages, the PageRank of the page and some other statistics.

The Links tool will help you creating inbound links to your site or which pages to ping with a trackback on your blog, so you will get a higher PageRank etc. The tool gives you a set of predefined searches in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask! to start looking for a potential target.

The Keywords tool allows you to either manually find or scan your site for keywords and thenf ine tune them.

SoloSEO have several more tools for you to use and once you have started optimizing your site you can’t sit down, you have to continue to improve it - and to help you SoloSEO has a number of different reports that can be run and sent to you by e-mail so you can keep track of your rankings and competitors.

Over all I like SoloSEO and I hope that my site will climb higher up in the search results after my two week trial. There are some minor design issues and JavaScript errors when I run it in Internet Explorer 7 but I have reported them and hopefully they will be resolved in a near future.

Note that this post is sponsored via ReviewMe.