Back in the saddle from another TechDays event here in Sweden. This year it was all about the cloud! It was as always a great show and an awesome party. Thank you Microsoft, all presenters, all attendees and sponsors.

I did two sessions - or actually one session divided into two segments about Office 365 and Windows Azure. I tried to squeeze in as much cloud technology as I could in a one big demo. For those who attended - I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to go back to the slides or take a look at the demo code you can find them below. The sessions were also recorded so you can enjoy them in full glory (keep an eye on the TechDays site for more information).

Presentations and code

**Office 365 + Windows Azure (del 1) **

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Office 365 + Windows Azure (del 2)

View more presentations from Wictor Wilén

Here’s the code.


I was also interviewed after my sessions by Peter Nicks from Microsoft - and here’s the video of that:

TechDays 2011 Interview

See ya next year…