Not that unexpected, but Microsoft chief executive office Steve Ballmer has confirmed that the new Office 14 clients and servers (read SharePoint) will not be released during 2009. The products will be “generally available” during 2010.

Generally available may indicate (I’m always positive) that we have a release for volume licensees and partners in late 2009 and in the shelves during 2010 (just like the previous version).

Read SharePoint Daily Special Edition for more information.

I’m not surprised since the lid has been on for so long and for such a significant server product such as SharePoint it really needs time for a beta phase. The adoption of WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 has really boosted and having a to short period for extensive testing and upgrade preparation would not be appreciated.

Now we all can wait for the beta period to start, and hope for a universal change in the number of hours per day, I sure need some more…