Installing a new service pack onto a server product is not just firing up the installer and hit next->next->finish. You should carefully read through the documentation and test it thoroughly. Service Pack 2 for SharePoint has been long awaited and I’ve seen people the last 24 hours installing it like madness just wanting to get their hands on the new features/updates. I did also install it just minutes after it was released (on my dev machine that is being reinstalled any hour now, when Windows 7 RC is out). 

Andrew Connell said it well in a tweet just recently: “I’s watching everyone else install #sharepoint SP2 to see if there are issues (ala IU’s AAM fiasco)… thanks in advance guys :)”

Twitter is one nice source of real-time update on what is happening right now on just about everything, especially when it comes to #SharePoint. I’ve collected some of the known, found and discovered problems with Service Pack 2 for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Have you experienced any other troubles, I’ll gladly update the list!

If you’re anxious to install it, here is a great guide by Shane Young.