Swedish flag I thought that it would be time to look up all Swedish SharePoint bloggers, like my former colleague Johan Dewe did about a year ago, he has now left the SharePoint consultant scene, and I thought that it would be time to have a new and updated list.

This list is compiled from my own feeds, Johan’s list and some searches on the web. Since blogging nowadays isn’t the “only” way to keep up with what’s happening I’ve also included some Twitter links.

The list only includes active bloggers, i.e. those who have written a substantial amount of SharePoint blog post the last few months or so. Unfortunately the list is not that long since Johan compiled it since most of those listed bloggers/blogs are inactive.

The List

Daniel Bugday - site, feed Runs the Swedish SharePoint User Group and has a great set of posts on SharePoint configuring and search.

Tomas Elfving - site, feed Architecture and security focused.

Daniel Karlsson - site, feed, Twitter A lot of Workflow Foundation goodies

Andreas Kviby - site, feed (added 2009-01-22) SharePoint development in English and in Swedish

Lise Rasmussen - site, feed Developer and customization focused

Daniel Sörlöv - site, feed General SharePoint information and news

Tobias Zimmergren - site, feed, Twitter Runs the Swedish SharePoint User Group and Sweden’s second SharePoint MVP. Developer focused blog.

and of course myself, Wictor Wilén - site, feed, Twitter

Swedish SharePoint User Group

The Swedish SharePoint User Group is run by Daniel Bugday, Tobias Zimmergren and Göran Husman (Swedens first SharePoint MVP).

More information can be found on the user group site: http://www.sharepointforum.com/SharePointUserGroup/default.aspx

If you feel that you or someone you know about should be listed - there must be more of us, feel free to contact me or post a comment. If you are on the list and anything is wrong, just ping me and I’ll fix it. I’ll post updates on this post on Twitter.