We have updates, and quite a few of them, to the Office Roadmap. Some clean up, some awesome Visio features rolling out and a set of new features in the In Development segment. Also noticeable quite a few of the “refresh” features and one cancelled item.

Changes 2015-08-12

Now Launched

  • NDR backscatter protection: has been rolling out for a while
  • Office 365 Admin Center June Updates: the June stuff is launched
  • Office 365 Store: launched. Verdict from customers - why does it have to be there, can’t we remove it?
  • Office Online Edit in Yammer: Really dump feature that allows users to edit documents in Yammer - documents should never ever be stored in Yammer to start with!
  • Public Folders: adding and removing favorites in OWA: Public folders? Didn’t someone say they were to be removed :)

Rolling out

  • Adding IRM protection to Visio file: sweet feature that now is rolling out and allows to protect your most important files. Coming from In Development
  • Create and collaboration on Visio diagrams using Office like experience: more of them Visio goodies rolling out
  • DKIM Outbound for Exchange Online Protection: better protection in ExO by digitally signed message headers
  • Getting started experience in Visio: Visio, nuff said
  • Office 365 Domain Purchase Experience: from in development
  • Office 365 Settings pane: the third “pane” to be rolled out (Help, Notification and Settings). I just wonder when we are allowed to hook into these?
  • Office 365 User Purchases: just buy it yourself if your IT department says no. From in development.
  • Office 365 Video Embed: I don’t know about you but I’m getting confused. Rolling out, Launched, Rolling out…
  • Purchase & Subscriptions Experience Refresh: a new user experience for the purchase and subscriptions pages are rolling out. Personally I had hard to find what I needed…
  • Rapid data connectivity in Visio: Now, if only everyone had access to Visio
  • Refreshed stencils and smart shapes in Visio: Metro? From In Development.
  • Search Refiners in Outlook Web App: make it easier to find your stuff using refiners in OWA
  • Search Suggestions in Outlook Web App: more OWA search goodness

In Development

  • Auto-Expanding Archives: new item on the roadmap that allows archives to automatically expand as needed. No mention of any specific service but I guess it is an Exchange Online thing :)
  • Major update to Outlook Web App: Outlook Web App, or should I say Outlook on the web, will have major UX update coming (new)
  • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS: offline access and PDF editing support on iOS - those fruit fone users get all the fun… (new)
  • Office 365 Admin app updates:  focus this month is on… GROUPS! I’ve said it before - Groups is the future folks! (new)
  • Office 365 app launcher refresh: New on the list! App launcher will be more like the Windows 10 Start menu with different sized tiles.
  • Save to OneDrive for Business in Outlook for iOS and Android: new on the roadmap, wonder if these things get added to the Modern Mail client in Windows 10 (phone)?
  • Subscription Management Experience refresh: even more modern design I presume… (new)
  • Supervisory Review for financial and regulatory compliance: Wow, really cool and scary. This feature will allow auditors to look into a subset of users communications. (new)
  • Uservoice coming to Outlook on the web: a link directly in OWA, sorry Outlook on the web, so users can give feedback to the OWA, sorry Outlook on the web, team.


  • Evolving the Outlook Web App options page: added in April, but no info on why this is cancelled

Moved off the list into the Previously released

  • Azure AD Reports
  • Disable OneDrive for Business sync for unmanaged PCs
  • Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection
  • MDM for OneDrive for Business
  • Mobile device management
  • Office 365 Groups: Dynamic CRM integration
  • Office 365 Groups: files improvement
  • Office 365 Groups: improving visibility and management
  • Office 365 Groups: adding Like to Conversations
  • Office 365 services hosted in Microsoft Australia datacenters
  • Office Online Preview in Yammer
  • Quarantine Message Body Preview
  • Skype for Business Online
  • Unified OneDrive API