Windows Home Server, WHS,  is a great addition to the Windows Server family, a product that I have wanted to have for a really long time. It will really help me connect my machines at home and provide great features to the connected home and make me share my digital media easier between Media Centers, laptops etc.

I have hoped that I could turn my current Media Center, a quite powerful machine, into a Home Server later this year once it is time to build my own new Media Center. I would like to make a clean install of Windows Home Server on that old (2 1/2 years) machine after picking WHS up from my local store.

Hockey puck But, it seems like WHS will only be provided pre-installed on systems provided from HP etc and not be available as an of-the-shelf product!

Why!? I do not want to spend a lot of money on a designed “puck”, even though I think they look nice, but having another box in my living room is out of the question (just ask my wife :-)! I want a big Home Server with plenty of space for disks, and I will place it in the attic, where it may be noisy - but cool - and running 24/7.

Please give us the option to buy it as a regualr operating system.