The day is finally here and Windows Vista is available for the consumer market and the commercials are everywhere. In Sweden we hade the annual Grammis awards, the Swedish music industry price, this evening and it was broadcasted on TV. The awards was sponsored by Microsoft and of course it had the standard sponsored by stuff in every commercial break (I’m glad I watched it on Vista Media Center with 30 minutes delay so I could skip those :-). The Vista marketing team had also managed to sneak in some really cool Vista branding when the nominees for each category was presented.

Check this scene from the nominations for best artist, see anything Vista-like? 

But for me was the updates on Windows Update more interesting - the Vista Ultimate Extras was finally there. Only two of the announced features was ready by today; DreamScene was not in. The Hold’em poker game was not that impressive, I’d rather stay with my real online poker game. If it was a Media Center program it would have been at least somewhat interesting. The BitLocker tool is great but of no use for me right now. DreamScene is by no means a killer application but It would surely look nice on the 43" plasma screen.

 Another cool optional update on Windows Update was the ability to download new languages for Windows Vista, so you easily can switch back and forth between the languages. So now I have the same Vista in both English and Swedish.