Users The net is crowded with SharePoint blogs, including this one, and I have missed one thing - information for the end-users. I think that there is a great void in knowledge for SharePoint users out there,for example how to use SharePoint as an end-user in the most efficient way, how to do the simple stuff such as creating sites or lists etc.

Today I stumbled upon “Get the ‘Point” by Suzanne Ross, which has a focus on the SharePoint end-users. The blog is quite new but features a two-part article series on how to set up a Team Site. It does not sound like rocket science to us developers, but hint you customers and/or users about this blog.

If you help your users get to know what can be done in SharePoint you will all gain from it - the will realize the potential of WSS and MOSS and you will most likely get rid of all these “simple support questions” that only take up your precious time.