Documents The standardization of the XML Paper Specification (XPS) as an ECMA International standard proceeds. Adrian Ford reports that the initial working draft has been published on the ECMA web site.

There are no major changes as of now to the original specification by Microsoft, but rather some editorial changes, read the latest draft here (available as PDF or XPS). Lets hope that the ECMA TC has learned from the recent Office Open XML ISO failure and get rid of all these non-issues that most of the OOXML comments really was about.

XPS and OOXML both uses the Open Packaging Convention (OPC), and I would like to know how ECMA will handle this part of these standards. Will XPS reference OOXML, or OOXML reference XPS or will OPC be a separate standard?

The next meeting for the TC is in late September, so I hope we get some nice reports from that meeting within a few weeks.