I previously wrote about that Microsoft is using PDF documents as downloads for product information on microsoft.com, instead of their own XPS format.

Yesterday I was happy to see that the Virtual PC site contained a Technical Overview document available for download in XPS format, of course with references to the XPS viewer download and a “What is XPS?" link, and there are no PDF download available.

I decided to check back on the some other pages on microsoft.com and found out that there are now not only PDF downloads but also XPS downloads on some. For example the Desktop Optimization Pack page, which previously only had a PDF data sheet download now also have an alternative XPS download.

I guess we will see more of XPS documents and less of PDF from Microsoft, so if you haven’t downloaded the XPS Essentials Pack which includes an XPS viewer get it here, if you are running Windows Vista you are safe since it’s already included in the OS.