It has been quite calm on the Office Open Xml OOXML scene for a while, but now the BRM on DIS 29500 meeting is approaching in late February of 2008 and the information on the process is increasing. This time I think the ongoing discussion is on a more “nicer” level than right after the ISO vote.

Here are some interesting readings that I have read the last few weeks, that I would like to share:

Jan van den Beld, former Secretary General of Ecma International and now a IT Standardization consultant, has started blogging. He has written some interesting posts on the Ecma process before and after the OOXML ISO submission, which gives you a good insight in the processes. Head over and read ‘em…

Alex Brown, convenor of the OOXML BRM, also has some nice written posts and comments on the BRM.

DIS 29500 comments, read all the submitted comments on OOXML, and of course comments on the comments.

and finally, an eBook by Andy Updegrove:

ODF vs. OOXML: War of the Words. Andy Updegrove tries to sum up the “drama” in a a series of chapters with the help of everyone involved or interested in any way. Good reading!

That’s all for today, now I really have to get back to work…