For the last year I have had really annoying security troubles when working with documents in SharePoint (2003 or 2007, WSS or MOSS) on my Windows Vista machine with Office 2007. Every time I have opened up a document for editing the Office applications have asked me to log in to access the document. I have been able to press Cancel three times, but then the document is opened up in read-only mode. The problem has not occurred on any Windows XP installations. I have seen this problem on several computers with Vista. There have been several reported workarounds, of which none has worked for me.

But now Microsoft has released a number of hotfixes, which will be included in the soon to come Vista Service Pack 1, and there are two interesting hotfixes that currently focuses on this problem.

941853 - You are prompted to type your user credentials when you use Internet Explorer to access files on a Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDav) site on a Windows Vista-based computer

I installed this one first, but it did not fix my problems after rebooting.

941890 - On a Windows Vista-based computer, you are prompted to enter your user credentials when you use Internet Explorer to access files on a WebDAV site

But this one did (don’t know if it was the combination or if this one did the whole job…)! Sweet!

To get your hands on these hotfixes, before Service Pack 1, you have to call the Microsoft support who will send you the update packages. Last night the Release Candidate of SP1 was released, so I guess these fixes are included in that one. If you have had this problem and are testing the RC of SP1, please inform me on the results.