I have installed the Office 2007 beta, including Outlook 2007, and I wanted to enable the Instant Search functionality and followed the instructions in the dialog that popped up in Outlook. It said that I had to go and download the Windows Desktop Search Beta 3.0 Engine Preview, read about it in Microsoft Help and Support. I did, but I had a previous version of Windows Desktop Search installed. There was no warning and when I tried to search in Outlook I recieved a message saying that Outlook cannot perform your search. And when I tried to use the Windows Desktop user interface that was still there (the 3.0 beta has no UI yet) the explorer.exe crashed.

So, I went for an uninstall of the Windows Desktop Search. Same problems as before.And then I did a reinstall of the 3.0 beta - same problems!Another uninstall, just to get back to where I started - same problems!

After a lot of fiddling and looking in the event viewer I gave up and started the System Restore (first time I ever had to use it) and restored to the point before where Windows Desktop Search 3.0 was installed.

Then I uninstalled the 2.6 (I think it was) version of Desktop Search, and rebooted. Then I fired up Outlook 2007 answered yes to the question that I wanted to enable Instant Search and followed the instructions and installed the 3.0 beta.

Woohaa - it worked! So uninstall any previous versions of Windows Desktop Search before installing Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta Engine Preview.

It’s worth installing - it is fast and the indexing of texts in images is really nice. When doing a search in OneNote 2007 I could find a lot of more information from my screen clippings.