Yesterday SharePoint Community Sweden was launched, initiated by Andreas Kviby. This is a new community site for Swedes and those who speak Swedish about the SharePoint platform. There are a lot of great SharePoint sites and communities out there on the web, but none in Swedish. Having a great community “nearby” will enable the personal interaction to be even better and it will create a lot of interesting spin-offs.

I’m glad to be onboard and I will put some effort into this new community and helping out new and old SharePointers as good as I can and I will try to do some blogging about interesting topics in Swedish there - once in a while I will probably double post information here and on the community site (long sentence…).

We also have a all of Sweden’s SharePoint MVP’s and a great deal of experts so I’m sure it will be a success.

What about the Swedish SharePoint User Group then, I was asked on Twitter? I see this as a great complement to the SSUG - discussions can emerge in the community and leverage up to the SSUG meetings and the discussions can continue on the community. The SSUG target Audience (we are talking about SharePoint right) is as I see it more about deeper knowledge, but the community also offers help and space for normal SharePoint users or editors.

See ya there…