Microsoft Windows Vista contains Windows Media Center (in Home Premium and Ultimate) which is a great upate from the Windows XP Media Center Edition. Finally the user interface is taking advantage of widescreen and the navigation is faster and smoother.

But I think one big thing is still missing in the Media Center interface - editing, sorting and searching pictures using metadata; today you can sort them on date taken! I would find it more useful to search for all images containg images of my family, my vacation in Spain or winter images from our summer house.

Jpeg images can contain EXIF metadata which can be edited through the normal Windows Explorer interface or other programs. Take a look at Adobes Photoshop Elements in which you can drag and drop the images into categories that is stored in the EXIF information.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that built into Media Center - anyone hearing me up in Redmond?! When viewing an image you press the (i) button on the MCE hand control and select Edit Metadata (or similar) then you can check which categories it should be in or add a new one. Then when viewing the images you could select which category to view.