I’m glad and proud to tell you all about that next month I will start a new job. I will start as a SharePoint Architect at Connecta. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and it will let me work with some of the finest SharePoint minds and developers here in Sweden as well as some really awesome customers.

I’ve been working with basically the same company now since 2000, when I and two good friends founded it, iBizkit. We all came from consultancy firms working with WCM, portals and intranet solutions and had a dream of making a really good semi-product for these kind of solutions. And we did! In 2001 we integrated our product with the first version of SharePoint. We continued this integration in the upcoming versions of SharePoint, but have since the release of SharePoint 2007 focused more and more on the SharePoint platform, and I have personally lived in that world for the latest years. About two years ago, we sold the company to Pdb DataSystem, a natural step to expand and evolve the business.

During the last years I have been headhunted (or is headhaunted?) numerous times and finally I/we found a perfect match.

So in November I will be joining the Connecta forces and have 100% focus on SharePoint and especially the upcoming SharePoint 2010. This will allow me to grow and evolve as a SharePoint architect and developer, which is what I thrive on.

The only downside with this is that I won’t be attending the (awesome, fantastic and once-in-a-life-time) SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas. To all you SharePointers - have a good time and I’ll follow the tweets and blogs from over here! I’ll even drink a pint while reading them. I hope to join you on upcoming conferences…

But if you’re anxious to meet up, then head on over to the SharePoint and Exchange Forum in Sweden (SEF09) and come listen to me talk about PerformancePoint Services 2010 or come visit the free SharePoint 2010 overview event, organized by AddSkills and Connecta, where I’ll show you some cool stuff that can be done with the ECM features in SharePoint 2010.

Until next time…