How to check the version of AppFabric 1.1 aka the Distributed Cache

Introduction The other day I posted about the patching procedure for the SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache (Microsoft AppFabric 1.1) and on that post I got a great comment from Riccardo: Hi Wictor, is it possible to discover the patch level of the Distributed Cache without looking at control panel? Powershell? That is a great question Riccardo! But the answer is not that simple… Check the version using Installed Updates The easiest way to manually check what version of AppFabric you are using, or rather which CU that is applied to AppFabric 1.

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How to patch the Distributed Cache in SharePoint 2013

Introduction In SharePoint 2013 the Distributed Cache plays a very important role, it is a key component for performance and caching. An incorrectly configured or managed Distributed Cache will cause issues, with your farm. I’ve even seen blogs recommending turning it off, most likely due to that they don’t manage the cache properly and get into a situation where it causes even worse performance problems. One of the good things with the Distributed Cache is that is not a SharePoint service, it is a standalone service called AppFabric 1.

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SharePoint 2013: A look at hardware, software and other requirements

As usual a new version of a product has new requirements of all different kinds; especially when it comes to resource usage. With SharePoint 2013 there is no difference. The Hardware and Software requirements for SharePoint 2013 Preview is published and I thought I should walk through the new and updated requirements and compare them with SharePoint 2010. And also talk about some other key changes that you need to be aware of when planning your SharePoint 2013 installations.

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Recap of the European SharePoint Conference 2011

Back home after a few days in Berlin for the European SharePoint Conference 2011. It was a great conference with good speakers and really nice attendees. It was three days full of sessions, expert panels, shoot-outs and SharePoint fun! Thanks to everyone who was there (especially those who came to my sessions :-) and the team behind the conference! And as always it great to meet up with the SharePoint MVP’s, MCM’s and now even MCA’s!

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Improve performance of your SharePoint 2010 applications using Windows Server AppFabric caching

Besides SharePoint my very dear topics is performance optimizations and new technologies, so here’s a post mixing all these together. Background Caching is one way to improve the performance of any application, there are several ways to do it in-memory, disk etc etc. SharePoint 2010 has a set of caching capabilities, most of them are in-memory caches and some involve disk or even SQL based. One problem with (especially) in-memory caching is that if you have a farm different servers may display different results, which is due to the fact that the different servers cached information at different times.

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Presentations and code for Office 365 and Windows Azure sessions from TechDays 2011

Back in the saddle from another TechDays event here in Sweden. This year it was all about the cloud! It was as always a great show and an awesome party. Thank you Microsoft, all presenters, all attendees and sponsors. I did two sessions - or actually one session divided into two segments about Office 365 and Windows Azure. I tried to squeeze in as much cloud technology as I could in a one big demo.