The 65th SharePoint Pod Show is out featuring…tada…me :-)

The SharePoint Pod ShowThe SharePoint Pod Show is THE podcast about SharePoint and is done by Rob Foster, Nick Swan and Brett Lonsdale and has featured a lot of great SharePointers from all around the world throughout the years. If you haven’t already listened to the podcasts, then you got 65 episodes to catch up on! There are some epic ones, such as my favorite one #50 - which is about performance tuning. And make sure that you subscribe - you don’t want to miss their SPC11 Road-trip…

This episode was recorded at the MVP Summit earlier this year in Redmond between two sessions. It was my first time meeting most of the MVP’s in real life and Rob was the one interviewing me. He’s one heck of an interviewer asking questions like an ice-hockey radio commentator in some weird southern accent… It was great fun and we discussed SharePoint development and Web Parts development in particular. We talked through how to get started with SharePoint development, how to build Web Parts and why I wrote my book (SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action).

Until next time.