Last night we had a SharePoint User Group Meeting here in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a great evening with a lot of attendees, thank you all for showing up. It’s always fun to see new and old faces, sorry I didn’t have time to talk so much with you (due to my VM’s crashing just before my demos…).

First, a big thanks to KnowIT and Jonas who provided us with a great place to host the meeting and some good food and beer!

Two sessions were on the agenda; PowerShell and PerformancePoint.

Niklas Goude started the meeting with some SharePoint and PowerShell love. Great session and demo. Really looking forward to see his, and Mattias Karlssons, book project come to life. You can find Niklas awesome PowerShell scripts here and Mattias automagic create your farm in Excel script here.

The second session was held by yours truly, and I did a brief introduction to PerformancePoint 2007 with some demos on how to create dashboards and publish it to SharePoint. I’m thinking about writing up a post on the last “Dangerous Lists” demo, would you like that? You can find my presentation here. And here are the links that I referred to regarding PerformancePoint 2007 and Microsoft BI.

And if you would like to know some more on what will happen with PerformancePoint in the upcoming 2010 release, please attend the SharePoint & Exchange Forum 2009 and my session on PerformancePoint Services 2010, that will take place in Stockholm in November.