Finally the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras team released the remaining 19 language packs for Windows Vista Ultimate. The language packs allows Vista Ultimate users to easily switch between different languages in the Vista user interface.

The language packs are maybe not the most exciting feature for Windows Vista  and I believe that this should not just be an exclusive add-on for high-end users (the ones who buy the, as of today, very expensive Ultimate version) of Vista. This feature should be a part of all Vista editions, maybe with an additional minor charge for each language pack.

But on the other side, who will use this feature - not me anyway!

Now that the Extras team have released all of the announced Extras the Windows Vista Ultimate Director Barry Goffe says:

“Given our track record, it would be unwise to provide details of what comes next until I am 100% confident in our ability to deliver. Please rest assured, though, that our team is working on hard to deliver on our promise to Ultimate customers. I look forward to announcing the next Ultimate Extra. Please stay tuned… "

I really hope, and that soon, that they will have something really Extra up their sleeve so the extra cost for Windows Vista Ultimate finally will be worth something. Today the only thing that is extra with Vista Ultimate is the cost…