Apple just released their new version of Max OS X (10.5) called Leopard, which of course has a real neat user interface and really cool experience - the Apple trademark. I have seen a lot of people moving on to the Mac platform the last years, but then we talk about personal and niche users and so far the Apple OS X share is about 4% compared to XP’s 80% and Vistas 8%.

I’m not a Mac expert nor user but I read as much as I can about new and impressive products to get a wide perspective on the area. During my read up on OS X 10.5 I have read about users getting, the Windows patented, Blue Screen of Death - which caused me some laughs.

Today I read about the OS X 10.5 network icons. Apparently when you browse the network with Leopard you will get an icon of Windows computers that is representing an old-school CRT monitor with a BSOD . This gives me an impression that Apple still wants OS X to be a niche product and I think it’s pretty childish and arrogant.

OS X Windows Icon 

Here are instructions on how you change it to a “normal” icon:

Yes, it is kind of funny at first sight…