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  • Office 365 Groups for Admins

    Tags: Office 365, Unified Groups

    As you might have noticed I'm a big fan of Office 365 Groups, aka Unified Groups. I do think they will play a major role in the future of Office 365 Collaboration. Office 365 Groups consists of many moving parts, some that are half baked, some that are not working at all and some that is a bit difficult to understand. In this series of posts, will be published over the next few weeks and after that when needed, I will describe how you as an Office 365 Admin can and should work with Office 365 Groups.

    This post will be kept as an index for the posts and will be updated when new posts are being added:


    If you have ideas or suggestions on the series and the individual posts, please leave a comment.

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2015-07-22

    Tags: Office 365, Unified Groups

    Some "small" updates this week on the Office Roadmap

    Changes 2015-07-22

    Now Launched

    • Office 365 Groups: Power BI Integration: A new and easier way for teams/groups to collaborate in Power BI. Directly to launched.

    In Development

    • Office 365 User Purchases: An interesting new option for the Store. Individuals can with this feature in place "purchase and individually own a subscription to additional software". Looks like if your manager doesn't approve of your Visio request, you can buy it on your own :)

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2015-07-16

    Tags: Office 365, Yammer

    A week has gone since last update to the Office Roadmap and it looks like the Office 365 team is on a good pace.

    Changes 2015-07-16

    These are the changes I've noticed on the Roadmap, including my personal comments/take on some of them. One big shocker here and it's in the Cancelled section, check it out!

    Now Launched

    • Multi-Tier Cloud Standard for Singapore: something brand new that is just for Singapore that is launched? No description at all on the Roadmap - I'll get back with details.
    • Quarantine Message Body Preview: last week rolling out and now fully rolled out. Exchange admins can now really easy preview stuff in quarantine.
    • SharePoint Online storage usage model: "Auto" quotas are now fully rolled out
    • Workload-specific admin roles: Also the new admin roles are fully rolled out

    Rolling Out

    • Office 2013 Windows client modern authentication preview: new ADAL based AuthN is rolling out

    In Development

    • Office Online Edit in Yammer: Allows you to edit documents directly in Yammer. New on the roadmap
    • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business: US Only, more countries coming up, PSTN Call in feature. More awesome S4B features!
    • Public Folders: adding and removing favorites in OWA: Who said Public Folders was dead!


    • Document Conversations for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online: CANCELLED! No surprise to me. Another Yammer feature that is going in to the bin. If Microsoft can do a big write-down on Surface, they sure should do it on Yammer as soon as possible. From Rolling Out.

    Moved off into Previously Released

    (Added since original post)

    • Add external collaborators to your internal Yammer conversations
    • Boards for Office Delve
    • De-clutter your Inbox
    • Delve (Codename Oslo) & Office Graph
    • DLP in Office 365 to protect Externally classified content
    • DMARC Support in EOP
    • First Release Select people
    • Office 2013 client update to support passive authentication using SAML
    • Partner Admin Center New Customer List Filters
    • Recommend OneDrive for Business for Large Attachments
    • Share OneDrive for Business folders externally
    • Skype for Business desktop application update


    That's it for this time folks!

  • JavaScript multi-line string hack - a nifty JavaScript and CSS trick

    Tags: JavaScript, Apps, Add-Ins

    JavaScript is the new black and each and everyone has re-discovered JavaScript and it's inevitable not to have JavaScript as one of your tools. Especially if you're working with SharePoint, Office or Office 365 Apps or Add-Ins.

    In this short post I'm just documenting and sharing a small and nifty JavaScript hack that is very handy when you're doing for instance JavaScript injection, one of the most popular customization patterns for Office 365 and SharePoint Online at the moment. I often find myself in the situation that I need to deploy and inject a JavaScript file and an accompanying CSS file. More than often both the JS file and the CSS file is very small and I've found it very handy to combine the JS and CSS file into one JS file.

    Keep calm...Unfortunately the multi-line string features in JavaScript sucks, at best, unless you know this little trick. For instance you need to end each line with a backslash (\) and if you need line breaks you need to insert backslash + n (\n). If you're working with a CSS tool or like to write your CSS then it's annoying to add all that extra fluff when copying and pasting the CSS.

    So instead I've been using a technique that involves creating a small function like this:

    Wictor.MultiString = function (f) {
        return f.toString().split('\n').slice(1, -1).join('\n');

    Using this function (and hack) I can now write multi-line strings as follows, and that allows me to copy-paste CSS from any tool without redecorating it in JavaScript.

    Wictor.CSS = Wictor.MultiString(function(){/**
     body {
         font-family: Consolas !Important;

    I can then use this method like this, in for instance SharePoint Online, to inject some CSS without deploying a CSS file:

    var Wictor = Wictor || {}
    Wictor.MultiString = function (f) {
        return f.toString().split('\n').slice(1, -1).join('\n');
    Wictor.CSS = Wictor.MultiString(function(){/**
     body {
        font-family: Consolas !Important;
     (function () {
        ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function() {
            var css = document.createElement("style");
            css.type = "text/css";
            css.innerHTML = Wictor.CSS;
            alert('You\'re injected')
        }, 'sp.js');


    Happy JavaScripting….

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2015-07-09

    Tags: Office 365

    Hello everyone and hope you're not reading this, it's summer time and great weather, except in Sweden of course. We have some updates to the Office Roadmap today, the first set of updates in FY16 for Microsoft. Last week I complained about Microsoft changing URL's to the roadmap site - they are now fixed ;-)

    Changes 2015-07-09

    This are the changes I've noticed since the 26th of June including my take on the additions and changes. A lot of Skype for Business stuff has been launched this time!

    One other thing I've noticed is that the Delve picture is updated from blue pens to green hills.

    Now Launched

    • Azure AD Reports: The new auditing reports are now fully rolled out
    • Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection: Directly from In Development
    • MDM for OneDrive for Business: Now fully rolled out
    • Mobile Device Management: From rolling out
    • New Intune capabilities for Outlook on iOS and Android: The Outlook client on iOS and Android can now use built-in MDM for Office 365 or Intune. New on the Roadmap.
    • OAuth and MFA for Outlook for iOS and Android: From rolling out
    • Office 365 Video Embed: Everyone can now embed videos
    • Office Online Preview in Yammer: A new Yammer feature is launched (was some time since last). Yammer will now use Office Online to render Office and PDFs uploaded to Yammer
    • Skype for Business - Windows Phone: woohoo, same client different name.
    • Skype for Business Preview - Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling (US Only): 365 Admins living in the big land of the free can now sign up for this
    • Skype for Business Preview - PSTN Conferencing (US Only): Once again, US only Admins can sign up for this
    • Skype for Business Preview- Skype Meeting Broadcast: All admins should now be able to sign up for this preview. The sign up links doesn't work on the Roadmap page, but use this one and you should be all ready to go:

    Rolling Out

    • Custom Tiles: Huge news for all admins using Office 365. Finally an easy way to add a link to your intranet start page in the App Launcher. You can find the configuration under Admin > Company Profile > Custom Tiles (yea I know, not the most logical place…)
      Custom Tiles
    • Office 365 Admin App Updates for June: From In Development. The new push notifications are awesome (my phone has been beeping all my vacation!)
    • Office 365 Admin Center June Updates: New on the roadmap. A lot of updates to the user experience and user interface this time and also adding some new controls, such as turn on or off Sway.
    • Office 365 Setup Wizard: the brand new setup experience is rolling out replacing the old basic and advanced options.
    • Office 365 Store: The new Store is rolling out and you can find it in the Waffle for First Release customers. Currently only free apps are available.
    • Organization Support card: You can now configure your support information to be used in Office 365 and shown in the help pane. From In Development.
    • Cortana & Office 365 Productivity Scenarios: One really cool differentiator for Office 365 versus other productivity solutions. First release customers can enjoy Office 365 information in Cortana on Windows 10. [Added after initial post, since this was a late addition to the roadmap]

    In Development

    • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business Online: no changes, except the word "Online" has been added to the title.
    • Delve People Experiences - Praise: Delve will be incorporating even more "social features" beginning with Praise functionality.  A Praise will trigger an e-mail to the manager (oh, how many of you out there has proper manager structures in AD :-). And no mention of anything with Yammer here, so likely we're moving even further away from Yammer!
    • Office 365 Admin App Updates for July: Focus for this release will be Group Administration (Office 365 Groups!). New on the roadmap
    • Skype for Business for Android: New UI to Lync for Android. New on the list
    • Skype for Business for iOS: New UI to Lync for iOS. New on the list

  • What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-26

    Tags: Office 365

    Some interesting summer news on the Office Roadmap this week. But first of all something that is not very cool at all; the Office roadmap URL has changed. I've used and linked to,  and but the only one that is working right now is Booh! Thou shalt not change URL's without redirects…

    Changes 2015-06-26

    This is the detected changes in the Roadmap. If you use the newly released feature on the Roadmap that shows the Recently Updated Features, you will see that it states about 50 changed features, since we don't know their "algorithm" behind the feature, just ignore it and keep reading…

    Now Launched

    • Skype for Business Online: Lync in a new shroud is now officially launched…...
    • Office 365 ProPlus user activation management:  You can now manage your ProPlus activations directly from the admin center
    • Office 365 Groups : improving visibility and management: The Office 365 Groups features are slowly rolling out and being launched on all tenants.
    • Compliance Search: Some of the new compliance features announced just weeks ago as being in development are now launched.

    Rolling out

    • MDM for OneDrive for Business: was previously marked as launched but is now moved back to Rolling out…
    • Office 365 Video - Embed: A long waited for feature is now rolling out.
    • Office 365 Help pane: The new help feature is rolling out,
    • Clutter for your inbox on by default: This is an important announcement that you need to inform your end-users about. Clutter will from now on be turned on by default!

    In Development

    • Skype Meeting Broadcast: Something that I really long for, being able to broadcast meetings with up to 10.000 viewers. New on the roadmap.
    • PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online: Huge deal, something that all our customers ask for. Unfortunately only in US to start with, like all interesting things. Product Group, if you need testers that's not still measuring stuff in feet and stones, then call me. New on the roadmap.
    • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business Online: Dial out from Office 365! Wow! All them phone switches - watch out! My guess - US only! New on the roadmap.
    • Drive Shipping and Network Based Data Import for Office 365: Another feature that is being rolled back on the roadmap, typo or buggy?


    That was some nice additions and changes, right! Especially for all you Skype/Lync/UCM peeps!

  • What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-17

    Tags: Office 365

    No updates to the Office Roadmap today! But - a new huge feature to the actual Roadmap page that might make these posts obsolete

    A new button has been added to the Roadmap page, called "Show only recently updated features":

    The new button

    Once you toggle the button it will show you only what has been updated since sometime (this is not specifically clear at the moment). Currently it only shows the last update from last week.

    Good job Microsoft. No one would be happier than me if this messaging is getting better and I don't have to write these boring blog posts…

  • What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-11

    Tags: Office 365

    Updates to the Office Roadmap today as well.

    Changes 2015-06-11

    Since yesterday, only one item has change, or rather been added to the Roadmap.

    In Development

    • Office 365 Settings pane: the unification of all Office 365 services continue (time to forget SharePoint, Exchange etc). A new Settings Pane is in the works that contextually adjusts the settings depending on where you are in Office 365.

  • What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-10

    Tags: Office 365

    More updates to the Office Roadmap! This time around we have a few interesting new additions to the roadmap.

    Changes 2015-06-10

    This is what has been added to roadmap since the last couple of days. Notice that all of these are new things on the Roadmap.

    Now Launched

    • DMARC Support in EOP: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, in EOP. Directly to launched!

    Rolling out

    • OAuth and MFA for Outlook for iOS & Android: just as it sounds, the new ADAL based authentication is rolling out for iOS and Android

    In Development

    • Advanced administrative controls for archiving: Enables SEC 17a-4 record retention. Allows you to make sure that policies as such are not turned off or removed
    • Skype for Business conversations in the web experience: This was shown in a video the other day. Nice additions to the web UX.
    • Office 365 Domain Purchase Experience: a better experience to get your hands on and purchase new domains without any 3rd party services
    • Office 365 Video - Embed: Allows videos to be embedded outside the video portal, for instance in a team site. But the big news here is that this allows Kiosk users rights to view videos.
    • Office 365 Store: This update will make it easier for users to buy third party applications directly from within Office 365. Users will see a new "store icon" in the Waffle. Finally some updates to the pretty lame and boring Office store.

    Moved off into the previously released

    • Skype Developer platform

  • What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-07

    Tags: Office 365

    Summer is almost here, and I'm currently in the air over Hungary after a short but great weekend in Budapest. And the Office team in Redmond and all around the world keeps on pumping out updates. This is the summary of what has changed since the last update in May.

    If you're into compliance or a Vision fans, there's a great amount of new stuff added to the In Development category.

    Changes 2015-06-17

    Since the 15th of May the following items has been changed on the Office Roadmap.

    Now Launched

    • Add external collaborators to your internal Yammer conversations: from In Development to launched. This is in my opinion one of the scariest updates in a long time. It allows anyone to add an external person to any internal discussion on Yammer. And this is, again, turned on by default.
    • Boards for Office Delve: Boards, the light-weight knowledge management solutions for Delve is now launched.
    • De-clutter your Inbox: Exchange Clutter is now launched and turned on by default on all tenants.
    • Delve (Codename Oslo) & Office Graph: No big news but Delve is now officially launched.
    • Disable OneDrive for Business sync for unmanaged PCs: actually a big thing. You can now, using PowerShell, makes sure that only your managed PC's are allowed to do the OneDrive sync (when it works - or turn it off for everyone and get rid of all those support requests….)
    • First Release to Select People: No more need to create separate tenants just for first release. Choose your champions wisely and let them be your guinea pigs.
    • Office 365 Groups: files improvements: the enhancements to work better with files in Groups are launched. Keep it coming!
    • Office 365 services hosted in Microsoft Australian datacenters: All them kangaroos are happy now with blazing fast 365! G'day mate!
    • Public Folder calendar and contact access in OWA: the title says it all
    • Share OneDrive for Business folders externally: Users can now share a folder and not just a document with external users. Directly to launched
    • Unified OneDrive API: The unified API for OneDrive is now launched, but don't mix this with the Unified Office 365 API. Sigh! The marketing people in the Office Group really need to work on a better way to name things…

    Rolling out

    • Drive Shipping and Network Based Data Import for Office 365: Make your large scale migrations easier with Drive Shipping. From In Development.
    • Office 365 ProPlus user activation management: view and manage the activations from the Admin Center
    • Quarantine Message Body Preview: allow admins to see the message body while the message is in quarantine in order to make a better decision

    In Development

    • Adding IRM Protection to Visio file: IRM support in Visio. Good stuff in my favorite Office client application.
    • Analyzing Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom: Ediscovery enhancements to the 365 suite using the Equivio Zoom, acquired earlier this year. More information.
    • Compliance Administrator Role: Another new feature that allows you to create a Compliance Administrator with access to just the Compliance center parts!
    • Compliance Search Conditions: Even more new compliance thingies that gives the compliance people a new and improved search experience.
    •  Compliance search enhancements: Perhaps the best compliance improvement in a while. This change removes some scale limitations and allows you to search all OneDrives and Mailboxes without configuring permissions explicitly on each site/mailbox.
    • Create and collaborate on Visio diagrams using Office-like experience: Woohoo, more Visio news. Support for dark themes, Delve and High DPI!
    • eDiscovery Case Management, Hold & Permissions: More compliance stuff. I actually can't interpret what this new thing is all about (MS folks - some copywriter job is needed on this…)
    • eDiscovery infix & Suffix Wildcards: Even better search capabilities in eDiscovery that should make all your compliance officers jump up and down in excitement.
    • Getting started experience in Visio: Starter diagrams and tips and tricks for all you Visio n00bs and architect wannabees.
    • Office 365 Admin App Updates: Push notifications for service incidents, good one! Also some group management and the option to view your bill.
    • Office 365 Message Encryption: End-user Triggered Encryption in OWA: Allow your end-users to encrypt messages directly from OWA
    • Rapid data connectivity in Visio: "one-step connectivity to Excel" - create data driven diagrams even easier and faster
    • Refreshed stencils and smart shapes in Visio: Plenty of updates to the stencils and shapes in Visio 2016. Big hugs to the Visio team!

    Moved off the list into previously released

    • Bulk updates in Project Online
    • Change to the copy/paste behavior in the Outlook Web App
    • Changing support for LinkedIn in Outlook
    • Document deletion policies for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online
    • Edit Office 365 profile details page update
    • Enhanced NDRs
    • Improvement's to Demand Management in Project Online
    • Increase Message Size limit to 150MB
    • Lync Web App Support for Mac and Windows Chrome users
    • More control over Sent Items for Shared Mailboxes
    • OneNote Class Notebook Creator
    • Option for Passwords to Never Expire
    • Skype for Business desktop application update

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