Belkin N1 Vision A couple of weeks ago I bought the Belkin N1 Vision router and was really impressed with the design, usability and performance of it. This was until I tried to connect to my work using a Cisco VPN - it just did not work!

The specifications for the router states that it has VPN support; IPSec pass-through and PPTP. On other routers I have seen methods to enable/disable IPSec pass-through in the router configuration, but I could not locate it in the N1 setup utility. After some googling I found out that this is always enabled on the N1 Vision, duh - guess not!


So I finally submitted a support case to Belkin support (twice - one in the US and one in Scandinavia/Sweden). Quite quickly I received response  on both cases and after a few checks on firmware version, IP number series etc the Swedish support gave me access to a pre-release firmware. I uploaded it to the router and within a few minutes the VPN access worked perfectly.

So if you have this problem contact Belkin support and ask for the pre-release firmware (F5D8232-4_WW_1.00.13, the latest official is F5D8232-4_WW_1.00.11), or contact me.