How to deploy a Yo Teams generated project to Azure through Azure DevOps

How to deploy a Yo Teams generated project to Azure through Azure DevOps

The growth of using Yo Teams - the Microsoft Teams Apps generator - has been tremendous over the last year, and I can really tell that it’s not just being used for development and testing by the number of questions and requests I get on how to make a proper deployment of the solution to Azure. In this post I will share how I most often do it. The initial version of Yo Teams shipped with simple instructions on how to do Git deploy of your application to Azure.


Microsoft Teams Tabs SSO and Microsoft Graph - the 'on-behalf-of' blog post

Hey, I’m back. Long time since I did some writing on this blog. But I needed to get this one out. As you all know I’m a huge fan of the Microsoft Teams extensibility model and now with the SSO support for Tabs, it’s even easier to create integrated experiences for your end users where they can consume data and information from the Microsoft Graph or LOB systems. I recently did a small appearance at the Microsoft 365 PnP webcast showcasing how to configure and scaffold a Microsoft Teams project that uses this new SSO Tab feature.

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Version 2.7.0 of the Microsoft Teams Apps generator is now available

Happy Easter everyone, I have fantastic news. After seven preview versions (and even a skipped version - 2.6) the Microsoft Teams Apps Yeoman generator 2.7.0 is now available for you to use! Just like tons of others do; there’s been over 6.000 downloads of the generator, it’s generating a handful of new Teams projects every day and it’s done from all parts of the world! Join the movement! As usual it is just a simple npm command to install: